First choice for your second home

Austrian Alpine chalet is the sales organisation of Austrian construction company Almdorf Bauträger. In over 25 years we have build more than 500 chalets in dozens of projects in various locations in Austria. The unique feature of our chalets is the great flexibility in design and additional options.

You select the project and the property and then the type of house you want to build on it. The basic house designs can be expanding in a simple way and can therefore be easily adapted to your needs.

Our projects have a rental formula often in combination with a second residence permit. In these projects without rental obligation you have a free choice of rental, use as a holiday home or to live there. If you decide to rent out, you can choose to outsource the rental to our management organisation or you can choose for a combination in which you yourself also rent out.

In projects with a leisure destination, the rental and management is always excellent arranged. With our sophisticated rental and management concept , there are very spacious private use possibilities and you can also mediate in the rental of the chalet yourself.

Our chalets appears to fall in good taste of the holidaymaker and the letting results are excellent. A modern built chalet featuring a wide range of private use and strong return on investment is a perfect combination of a beautiful investment and own holiday fun.

Besides the development and construction of first class projects and chalets we have extensive expertise in the field of rental and management, financing, tax regulations and legal matters. In short, all aspects that are important when you are considering the purchase of a second home. From the first application until the passing of the deed of sale, you will be professionally guided.

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